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Penny and Stu Charter a Yacht (almost)

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Penny and Stu were in Mystic, Connecticut for a wedding when Stu thought he’d discovered a way home.  “Take a flyer, Penny!” he said.  “We’re going to charter a yacht!”

Penny wasn’t thrilled.  “A yacht?” he asked.  “I’m sorry, but it seems I left my Tommy Bahama shirt and REO Speedwagon CD at home.  Please.  I only sail on proper vessels — fully rigged schooners and barques.”

Stu wasn’t amused.  He stepped onto the boat and asked the captain, a balding man in a REO Speedwagon 1986 U.S. Tour t-shirt, how much it would be to go two stops, the first in Arctic Svalbard and then onto South Georgia Island in Antarctica.

The man thought for a second.  “$97,000 plus gas.”

Dissapointed, Stu returned to Penny and the two continued on their way.  Penny knew that since they couldn’t pay for a boat home they would have to take control of one by force.  They turned towards the Mystic Seaport and set their sights on some proper ships.  The adventure continued…

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